GRA consultation answers

These are the answers I’ve submitted to the government consultation on reform of the Gender Recognition Act. I’m grateful for the guidance of Fair Play for Women and Woman’s Place UK. The deadline for consultation responses is October 19th 2018.


Question 3: about the requirement for a diagnosis of gender dysphoria. Quite a detailed answer that outlines my overall approach to the issues

Question 4: about the requirement for a report on medical treatment

Question 5: about the requirement to have lived in the acquired gender for a period of time

Question 6: about the requirement to make a statutory declaration

Question 7: about the spousal consent provisions

Question 8: about the fee

Question 9: about privacy and section 22 of the GRA

Question 10: about protected characteristics

Question 11: more about protected characteristics

Question 12: about sport

Question 13: about single-sex and separate-sex services

Question 14: about jobs open only to members of one sex

Question 15: about communal sleeping places

I am not answering question 16

Question 17: about marriage solemnisation

I am not answering question 18

Question 19: about impact on other aspects of law and public services

Question 20: about non-binary identies