GRA consultation question 5

Question 5: (A) Do you agree that an applicant should have to provide evidence that they have lived in their acquired gender for a period of time before applying?


I don’t think “living in a gender” is something the government should be requiring of its citizens. I don’t agree with such a concept being enshrined in law.

If a person has a need to change their legal sex because it will ease their dysphoria, or as part of a course of medical treatment, or for some other reason which satisfies the GRP, there is no need to investigate the way they live their life. Women can live in all kinds of ways and so can men.

Question 5: (D) If you answered no to (A), should there be a period of reflection between making the application and being awarded a Gender Recognition Certificate?

Yes, there should be a period of reflection of 2 years. I do not think it is desirable for the process of changing legal sex to be made quicker and easier for young people. It should be something that is undertaken carefully and after full consideration.

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