GRA consultation question 4

Question 4: Do you also think there should be a requirement for a report detailing treatment received?


Treatment should not be required in order for a GRC to be granted, but there should be some information given by applicants about their engagement with medical practitioners, as evidence that they are approaching their transition in a thoughtful and considered way.

Since the GRA was introduced, it has become much easier for people to access medical treatment by purchasing hormones via the internet, or crowdfunding to pay for private surgery. This means that it is possible to alter one’s appearance and physiology without ever discussing the matter with a doctor, counsellor or therapist.

While adults are of course free to alter their bodies as they wish, an application to change one’s legal sex should be on the basis of a clearly defined need, and this should be backed up by a report from a medical professional, which shows that the applicant has approached the matter thoughtfully and with respect for the impact on others in society.

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