GRA consultation question 10

Question 10: If you are someone who either has, or would want to undergo legal gender transition, and you have one or more of the protected characteristics, which protected characteristics apply to you? You may tick more than one box.

I have not ticked any of the boxes, but I do plan to include this comment:

This question is not addressed to me, as I am not a person who wishes to change my legal sex.

However, my answers to this consultation are informed by the fact that my sex is female, and I think the potential conflict between the rights of transgender people and those of people who are female by birth is a key issue that must be addressed if the GRA is to be reformed. It is a problem that the consultation does not specifically address the impact of proposed reforms on all people with protected characteristics.

This question is also very badly worded. Of the nine protected characteristics, five apply to everyone; everyone has an age, race, sex, sexual orientation and religion or belief (given that this includes absence of religious belief). Asking “which of these characteristics apply to you” is therefore largely meaningless.

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